Advocacy Update

Connections Telehealth Consortium continues to advocate for you, our healthcare customer.  Though we do this in a variety of ways on an ad-hoc basis, this year we attended the School, Health, Library Broadband (SHLB) coalition annual conference in Washington DC, as we attempt to do most years.  Both Brian Thibeau, President of Connections Telehealth Consortium and Jim Rogers, President of HealthConnect Networks, managing agent of Connections Telehealth Consortium have been active SHLB members for many years and have helped healthcare, for example, by working to extend the filing window and increasing the funding cap years ago when the demand exceeded the amount available, to name a couple.  This year we had a good presence there and were not only able to attend the sessions to get further education on the funding process, but we were also invited to tour the USAC headquarters and have a 1:1 meeting with some of the USAC staff to share our concern and praises.  This was a rewarding experience as we were able to take our concerns, and the concerns of some of our healthcare customers and, in a constructive way, share how USAC can better serve you.   We will continue to advocate for you in as many ways as we can to assure that we are maximizing your subsidy.